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SFTP for your cloud storage.

What is SFTP

SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol. SFTP unlike SCP and Rsync is interactive and mirrors the traditional FTP client. SFTP is packaged with OpenSSH and utilises the standard SSH port.

Couchdrop SFTP

Couchdrop SFTP

Couchdrop allows you to use SFTP with your cloud storage provder. With Couchdrop SFTP you can work with all your cloud storage endpoints in one location through a familiar interface that you know, without installing any additional software.

Widely Supported

SFTP is widely supported on IOT and Networking devices where GUI or even standard shell access it not possible.

SFTP can be used through the a standard command line tool, or via GUI clients.

Cisco IOS, Juniper JunOS and virtually any Linux/BSD or Unix derivitive supports SFTP out of the box. Even windows clients are widely available for SFTP.
Widely Support from a Centralised point

Using Couchdrop SFTP
SFTP can be used through the a standard command line tool, or via gui clients.

sftp username@sftp.couchdrop.io

sftp> put file.txt

For supported SFTP options documentation, visit our community.

SFTP Use Cases
Cloud SFTP offers the secure means to get files from your organisation or another to your cloud endpoint, quick and easy. Below are some of the more common use cases that our users use our SFTP solution for:

  • Have external users share files directly to a specific folder in your cloud storage endpoint with a seperate user token, where you can control access permissions (read only, read write, write only). We also support you making it your own and using your own domain in place of couchdrop.io.

  • Use any of your standard SFTP applications (Cyberduck, FileZilla etc.) to access your storage space, no need to download heavy, bloated software packages just so you can get your files, to your storage.

  • Automated and manual system backups

Couchdrop is the cost of a coffee every month. We offer several plans to suit your needs.

Couchdrop Freebie



- 10 Free Transactions
- 1 Additional user
- 1 Storage endpoint
- Basic support

Couchdrop Standard

+30 Day Free Trial

- Unlimited Transactions
- 5 Additional user accounts
- 3 Storage endpoints
- Basic support

Couchdrop Enterprise


Custom Pricing

- Custom plan and pricing
- Unlimited data storage
- Uncapped data transfer
- Bring your own domain
- Enterprise support
- OEM Hosting