sftp meets cloud

Couchdrop web interface

The secure, easy to use Cloud FTP/SFTP, SCP and Rsync file server

SFTP is a secure client to server file transfer protocol. Couchdrop allows you to SFTP directly to cloud storage endpoints, fast and securely from your application whether this be terminal or GUI.

SCP is a secure and very simple way to copy files between systems. Cloud SCP allows you to transfer files from a terminal direct to your cloud storage.

Rsync is the standard tool for reliable data transfer and backups. Cloud Rsync provides you with a secure, easy and reliable way to backup to your cloud storage.

Couchdrop replaces your in-house server

Couchdrop is a cloud-first hosted SFTP and SCP service. It replaces your legacy hosted FTP/SFTP file server and brings it into the 21st century. With Couchdrop, server maintenance, backups and configuration goes out the window and you can focus on your business.

Your files, your cloud…

If you are thinking about moving to cloud storage, Couchdrop can help.

We integrate natively with Dropbox, Box and other Cloud Storage providers and provide a SFTP server ontop of your Cloud Storage. This makes the transition easy and you get to still use SFTP and SCP to interact with your storage.

Couchdrop get’s your files, to your cloud.

Evolution of SCP, SFTP and Rsync

We Modernized It

FTP, SFTP and SCP are 'oldies but goodies'. We figured they needed to be modernized.

Couchdrop packs traditional file server technologies with the new. With an interactive, simple to use web interface, cloud storage provider support, infinite scalability and a toolbox of tricks, Couchdrop gives your old FTP server a makeover.

No software required

Couchdrop works with your existing SFTP and SCP clients. No need to install cloud storage clients.

It just works.

Widely Support from a Centralised point

Couchdrop integrates with your existing cloud storage to provide a SFTP frontend for your Dropbox, GoogleDrive and other Storage Buckets.

See all available integrations here

Couchdrop is the cost of a coffee every month. We offer several plans to suit your needs.




- 10 Transactions
- 1 Additional user
- 1 Storage endpoint
- No storage, BYOS
- Basic support



Per month
+7 Day Free Trial

- Unlimited SCP/SFTP Transactions
- 10Gb Per Month Transfer*
- 100GB of Hosted Storage
- 5 Additional Users
- 3 Storage endpoints
- Basic support



Per month
+7 Day Free Trial

- Unlimited Transactions
- Unlimited Storage endpoints
- 100Gb Per Month Transfer*
- 2Tb of Hosted Storage
- 10 Additional Users
- Advanced Alerting Options
- Premium Support


From 300.00

Per month
+30 Day Free Trial

- Unlimited Transactions
- Unlimited Users
- 1Tb+ Per Month Transfer*
- 10Tb+ Hosted Storage
- Advanced Alerting Options
- Bring your own domain
- 1 Hour 24/7 Support

Contact us for details. We can customise and scale the plan for your needs.
** A transaction is defined by a session. So for example if you were to initiate an SFTP connect to an S3 bucket and uploaded five files and downloaded three files, then this would still be deemed 'one transaction'. However, if you initiated an SFTP session and uploaded one file, then closed the session and then started another session and downloaded another file, this would be 2 sessions.
* Additional data transfer is charged at $25.00USD per 100Gb block.

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