push files to the cloud

Couchdrop simplifies moving and working with files in the cloud. The simple cloud SFTP/FTP/Rsync server and API that works with cloud storage like Dropbox.

#> scp superfile.txt user@scp.couchdrop.io:/dropbox
#> sftp user@sftp.couchdrop.io:/dropbox
sftp> put superfile.txt
#> ftp ftp.couchdrop.io
ftp> username: user
ftp> password:
ftp> put superfile.txt /dropbox
#> rsync -a -e ssh superfile.txt username@rsync.couchdrop.io:

Couchdrop is a SFTP file server built for the cloud. Use Dropbox and other cloud storage with SFTP/FTP/Rsync and SCP.

With Couchdrop Managed File Transfer you can securely and easily send and receive files within your company, outside of your company or as a hybrid solution.

Movebot automated cloud migration is the simplest, fastest, safest and most cost-effective way to migrate and transfer files between clouds.

Cloud SFTP File Server

SFTP File Server

Couchdrop is the SFTP server for the cloud.

Its fully hosted and offers a single pane of glass for your cloud storage and come with support for SCP, Rsync and Webdav as well.

Cloud Storage

Bring your own storage.

Couchdrop turns your existing cloud storage like Dropbox or Box into a SFTP server allowing you to connect to your cloud with any client.


Create a dataroom with complex permissions, public upload portals, email to storage and shared links. Couchdrop provides everything you would expect from a cloud file server.

Move Data Between Cloud Storage


Easily move and migrate data from one cloud storage provider to another. Dropbox to Google Drive with one click.


You can easily replicate data between cloud storage providers with MoveBot. Replication provides added security and allows organisations to support multiple cloud providers.


Backup files to the cloud or to another cloud provider.

Easy to Use Interface

Couchdrop's Cloud SFTP is simple to setup and depending on your plan, only takes a couple minutes to setup and hit the ground running.

It's also fully hosted, so you don't have to install anything or worry about infrastructure.
Widely Support from a Centralised point

Connect your Cloud

Couchdrop integrates with your existing cloud storage to provide a simple front-end for your Dropbox, GoogleDrive and other Storage Buckets.

See all available integrations here

Integrate with Anything

Couchdrop comes with an easy to use API. You can create and manage users via our Restful HTTPS Json API. Turn Couchdrop into your file pipeline with our API.

Check out our API documentation here