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Couchdrop Rsync, brings the worlds favorite backup tool to the cloud.

What is Rsync

Rsync is the defacto standard tool for Linux and Unix backups and large data transfer.

Rsync allows you to back up full and delta updates in a synchronized, compressed manner. Rsync is a common tool available on all Linux and Unix systems and it is easily scriptable and can be scheduled to run at routine intervals.
Rsync in Action

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Couchdrop Rsync

With Couchdrop, you can use Rsync with the cloud.

Couchdrop’s Rsync offers a secure means to backup your systems, as it utilises the SSH protocol and provides account control, such as write only access.

Rsync is currently in its beta stage. Please take note of this as there will be regular updates and changes made during this process. Rsync will remain available within the free plan for the period of the beta. Once completed, Rsync will become an option available only in the paid plans.

Rync and Backups

Rsync is great for backups as it doesn’t require additional software to be installed which means you do not need to waste time installing and configuring third party proprietary software.

Backing up with Rsync allows for full, complete, backups but it provides delta and partial backups that are only backed up when there has been a change to that file. Rsync offers compression that allows you to preserve bandwidth for the applications that need it the most.
Couchdrop Rsync

Using Couchdrop Rsync
Uploading files is remarkably easy, just Rsync them directly to Couchdrop and within seconds they will appear in your chosen cloud bucket.

rsync -a -e ssh file username@rsync.couchdrop.io:

For supported Rsync options documentation, visit our community.

Couchdrop integrates with your existing cloud storage to provide a SCP and Rsync frontend for your Dropbox, GoogleDrive and other Storage Buckets

Couchdrop is the cost of a coffee every month. We offer several plans to suit your needs.

Couchdrop Freebie



- 10 Free Transactions
- 1 Additional user
- 1 Storage endpoint
- Basic support

Couchdrop Standard

+30 Day Free Trial

- Unlimited Transactions
- 5 Additional user accounts
- 3 Storage endpoints
- Basic support

Couchdrop Enterprise


Custom Pricing

- Custom plan and pricing
- Unlimited data storage
- Uncapped data transfer
- Bring your own domain
- Enterprise support
- OEM Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Rsync?
Rsync is a tool that allows users to transfer and synchronize files across infrastructure to systems by checking the timestamp of files. It is found by default on most Linux and Unix based systems. It can be used as both a synchronization and file transfer tool.

Rsync uses a specific delta encoding algorithm to ensure minimal network usage and supports additional compression tools such as Zlib.

Is it secure?
With Couchdrop Rsync is always secure. Couchdrop’s Rsync runs over the SSH protocol, much like our SCP service. Due to this, its traffic is encrypted using the public key infrastructure as it traverses the SSH tunnel.
Why use Rsync over other means?
  • Compression
  • Security
  • Rsync is resilient when connections timeouts and errors occur, unlike SCP, Rsync will recover from the error and finish the backup as intended
  • Synchronized updates, so there is no need to completely backup your system each time. It will only backup what has changed.
  • With Rsync you can set the bandwidth limit and the max size of files to be transferred
  • Rsync uses an impressive compression which saves bandwidth during transfer
  • It supports copying recursive directories and files