Simple NFS/SMB and CIFS access to your cloud storage. Imagine that.

Couchdrop SFTP

The cloud gateway

Couchdrop Cloud Gateway provides a dedicated on-prem or hosted, one click solution for accessing Cloud storage like Dropbox through NFS or the windows file sharing protocol SMB/CIFS.

It's quick and easy to use, and acts just like a normal shared drive, only difference, it could be Wasabi, Backblaze, Dropbox or any other cloud storage.

Windows File Sharing (SMB/CIFS)

Couchdrop's Cloud Gateway provides easy and direct access to your cloud storage like Dropbox, using the tried and proven Windows File Sharing Protocol SMB/CIFS.

Fire up Windows Explorer, and connect. No software installation is required, making cloud migrations, backups and using your cloud storage so simple its a little scary.
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NFS to the Cloud

Couchdrop's Cloud Gateway also provides NFS support. NFS is the standard Unix file sharing protocol, support by virtually all server and desktop operating systems, it can now be used to access cloud storage.

With NFS, you can mount your Cloud storage directly, it does not get any simpler than that.
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Connect your Cloud

Couchdrop integrates with your existing cloud storage to provide a simple front-end for your Dropbox, GoogleDrive and other Storage Buckets.

See all available integrations here

Setup in minutes

Couchdrop's Cloud Gateway is very simple to setup through our web interface. There is no software to install and it just works.

Step 1. Enable, Step 2. Access

Widely Support from a Centralised point

Common Use Cases

Couchdrop Cloud Gateway opens up a lot of possibilities and some common use cases are below.

Storage Migrations
Couchdrop Cloud Gateway provides a direct and easy way to migrate data to cloud storage.
Hybrid Cloud Storage
Couchdrop Cloud Gateway can become your hybrid cloud. When gateway is deployed on prem, you can transparently provide access to storage in the cloud without impacting users.
Cloud Backups
Modern enterprise backup tools like Veam support storing backups on SMB and NFS servers. Couchdrop Gateway enables you push data into your cloud storage engine of choice.