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SCP your backups and files to cloud endpoints with security and ease.

Upload files securely to your cloud storage from Linux, Unix and OSX boxes without having to install any client software. Couchdrop is your SCP server on steroids.

What is SCP

SCP is Secure-Copy. It is the standard way to transfer files in Linux, Unix, OSX terminals and network appliances.

SCP uses the Secure Shell (SSH) to copy files over the network to a chosen destination. The joy of SCP is that because it uses SSH, it is often allowed through firewalls and other security systems by default. Another perk is that it is a simple one liner command.
SCP Structure

SCP in action to cloud storage

Couchdrop SCP

Couchdrop allows you to use the SCP protocol to work directly with files in the cloud. Out of the box Couchdrop supports transferring files to and from Dropbox, Box and other common cloud file stores without installing any additional software.

Couchdrop SCP provides a centralized location for your files, so that your files are not scattered across insecure servers at different locations.

Couchdrop also offers the ability to SCP files as attachments directly to emails and it allows you to configure read/write tokens so that others can send you files or pull them down should you need this.

Quick, Simple and Easy
Uploading files is remarkably easy, just SCP them directly to Couchdrop and within secounds they will appear in your Dropbox, Google Drive or AWS S3 accounts. You can then download these files in AWS, Dropbox or from the my.couchdrop web interface.

Couchdrop SCP terminal
scp file username@scp.couchdrop.io:

Couchdrop integrates with your existing cloud storage to provide a SCP and Rsync frontend for your Dropbox, GoogleDrive and other Storage Buckets

SCP to Email
Need files emailed directly to your inbox? Couchdrop supports conveniently emailing files directly to your inbox.

scp supersecretfile.txt username@ssh.couchdrop.io:/email:to/michael@couchdrop.io
CloudShark Integration
Couchdrop also integrates with CloudShark. CloudShark is Wireshark in the cloud. With Couchdrop, you can SCP packet capture files to CloudShark for analysis.

scp capture.pcap username@scp.couchdrop.io:/cloudshark

Packet captures are available for analysis inside CloudShark within seconds.
Couchdrop and Cloudshark

Couchdrop is the cost of a coffee every month. We offer several plans to suit your needs.

Couchdrop Freebie



- 10 Free Transactions
- 1 Additional user
- 1 Storage endpoint
- Basic support

Couchdrop Standard

+30 Day Free Trial

- Unlimited Transactions
- 5 Additional user accounts
- 3 Storage endpoints
- Basic support

Couchdrop Enterprise


Custom Pricing

- Custom plan and pricing
- Unlimited data storage
- Uncapped data transfer
- Bring your own domain
- Enterprise support
- OEM Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions
What is SCP?
SCP is a the file transfer protocol built into OpenSSH. It is more secure than FTP and is bundled by default with OSX, Unix and every Linux distribution.

Is it secure?
Yes! Security is paramount and a key motivator behind creating Couchdrop. We don't store your files on our servers and never intend on doing this.
Do we have to use Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon AWS?
Couchdrop delivers files to your cloud storage provider rather than storing them on our servers. This means you can upload your files direct to your desktop from devices that do not support Dropbox or Amazon AWS storage and it's secure.
Can I self host it?
Sometimes when security and privacy is of paramount concern, cloud services are not ideal. Couchdrop can be self hosted.

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