Full Feature Matrix

Couchdrop is evolving very rapidly and we are always on the hunt for useful features we can add to make you love our product even more.

Feature Matrix

We believe Couchdrop is awesome, we make it easy to get your files where need them without having to install any software or provision a single server.

Couchdrop SFTP and Gateway
Couchdrop Move
Own Server
Less than 2 minutes to setup
Pay as you go
Works out of box, no additional software
Compression of file transfers and backups
SFTP Support
FTP Support
SCP Support
Rsync Support
SMB/CIFS Support
NFS Support
Cloud Migration
Enterprise Cloud Migration (Bulk Migration)
Cloud Backup
Cloud Data Replication
Bring your own cloud storage (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.)
Hosted Storage
Delta/Partial Updates
Bring your own domain (White label/OEM)
Read only user accounts
Write only user accounts
Granular User permissions for paths, files and folders
Locking down users access to an IP address
Email attachments direct to storage
HTTPS Customer Upload Portal
Secure OAuth and API credentials
File, Folder and Path sharing
Password Protected links
Temporary sharing links
GDPR Compliance
HIPAA Compliance
Unattended/Background service
Schedule for reoccuring move tasks
No server provisioning
No port forwarding
API Access
Full audit trail
SCP to Email
Versioning and File Redundancy
Email Alerting
Webhook Alerting
Full logging
Completely Managed Service