Granular User Permissions

Couchdrop allows administrators to create additional user accounts with very granular controls.

Additional users can be limited in functionality, limited to a certain folder and read or write only.

RSA Keys
RSA keys can be used rather than password authentication.
Folder Isolation
Users can be sandboxed to a particular folder.
Auditing and Logging
Couchdrop provides full audit logging and notifications.

IP Restrictions
Users can be limited to a single IP address or network.
Granular Service Controls
Users can be limited to certain services.
Download/Upload Portals
Users can sign in via the upload and download portal to securely send and receive files without having to use SFTP or other systems.

Read Only Users
Read and download only users can be created.
Write Only Users
Write and upload only users can be created. This is a secure way of protecting data.