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Features and benefits of Couchdrop

Files to Cloud
SCP, SFTP and Rsync your files directly to Cloud storage.
Security Built In
Write and Read only accounts, temporary users and custom home directories.
Oneclick Setup
No server provisioning, port forwarding, firewalling.

Easy to use and setup

Backing up with Couchdrop is easy, it takes less than 5 minutes. Create an account, integrate your chosen endpoints, then head to your system and enter in a one liner. You will find your files in your chosen cloud endpoint within a matter of no time.
Save time with Couchdrop


Couchdrop currently helps you get your files to the below cloud endpoints. If you feel we are missing an endpoint, let us know and we can look at implementing it.


We believe Couchdrop is awesome, we make it easy to get your files where need them with without having to install any software or provision a single server.

Cloud FTP Server
Own Server
Transfer files with SCP, Rsync and SFTP
Supports cloud storage, eg. Dropbox
Read only user accounts
Write only user accounts
Works out of box, no additional software
Custom Home directories
Support for RSA keys
Compression of file transfer and back ups
Terminal to Email
Full audit trail
Secure OAuth and API credentials
Access from anywhere
Versioning and file redudancy
One click setup
No Server provisioning

Cloud Storage, anywhere

Cloud storage does not play nicely outside of the desktop world. Couchdrop brings your cloud storage to the server world. We merge the traditional world of file servers with the world of cloud storage.

Cloud Storage Support
Cisco IOS
Juniper JunOS
Ubuntu and Other Linux


Provisioning your own servers for SCP, SFTP and Rsync is a major security risk. Servers require patching, firewalling and love. Our SCP, SFTP and Rsync servers are secure by design. Your files are never stored on our servers and our permission system means you can give very granular access to users.

No additional software

Software? Client Agent? Nope. We use the SCP, SFTP and Rsync protocol that is already inbuilt in your Linux and Unix systems. There is no need to go around your machines and install software, nor do you have to worry about tweaking settings.

Couchdrop is the cost of a coffee every month. We offer several plans to suit your needs.

Couchdrop Freebie



- 10 Free Transactions
- 1 Additional user
- 1 Storage endpoint
- Basic support

Couchdrop Standard

+30 Day Free Trial

- Unlimited Transactions
- 5 Additional user accounts
- 3 Storage endpoints
- Basic support

Couchdrop Enterprise


Custom Pricing

- Custom plan and pricing
- Unlimited data storage
- Uncapped data transfer
- Bring your own domain
- Enterprise support
- OEM Hosting